We believe in uncompromising sustainability.

Our greatest value? Sustainability.

Every day we work with the aim of having the lowest environmental impact without harming quality. This is why we have chosen to use a type of grape variety that allows us to reduce chemical treatments and thus also the use of agricultural machinery and CO2 emissions.

We leave nothing to chance: every single detail counts. thinking about the best way to take care of the environment and the people who inhabit it, from agronomic techniques to production activities up to the choice of packaging materials of the final product, all recycled and recyclable.

All our wines are PIWI, the result of a variety of vines resistant to fungal diseases (nothing to do with gmo concept) bringing various benefits to the environment, and beyond.


  • Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Improving the environmental protection and sustainability
  • Reducing CO2 footprint in the vineyards


  • Reducing production costs
  • Reducing energy consumption and soil pollution
  • More certainty in cultivation


  • Sustainable viticulture with a future perspective
  • Double “eco”: ecological + economical
  • Win-win for nature, winemakers and consumers

Attention to sustainability issues has been one of our main goals since the very beginning, in 2016. We are very proud of this.

Our zero impact cellar*

We strongly wanted a cellar capable of expressing and respecting our ecological vision, in every aspect.
From the photovoltaic system to the internal air purification system, up to the collection and reuse of rainwater to reduce waste: we have created an authentic place where we take care of the environment.

Modern, with high energy performance and reduced environmental impact. These are the main characteristics that identify it and that have allowed us to obtain the CasaClimaWine certification. This is an important certification awarded only to the wineries that are designed to be truly sustainable.