How we put our 360° ecological vision into practice

Hand picking of the grapes

In this way we avoid unnecessary stages that involve agricultural machinery in the vineyard, guaranteeing a controlled yield and quality.

We work in modern, healthy and eco-friendly spaces

We want to do our part to collectively create a greater sustainable impact for all. That’s why in our cellar every choice is studied in detail to optimize processes and reduce energy waste

We collect rainwater and reuse it

We know how precious this resource is and for this reason we collect rainwater and intelligently reuse it in the various production phases.

Underground cellar

In 2022 we built an underground cellar equipped with the latest generation technologies to control and guarantee our wines the optimal aging conditions.


From the vines to the bottle, respecting nature.

We are proud to share our ecological approach. Sustainability has always been imperative and it’s a reality of everyday life which infuses every aspect of our work, from the grapes to bottles. Every little detail of our cellar is considered in order to achieve sustainability, which we put before the economic side. Because we believe that to fight climate change everyone has to do their part.

And it’s not just about production. We also choose sustainable and recyclable materials for the packaging of our labels. Because for us, the quality of the wine and love for the environment go hand in hand.