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Three friends with a passionate commitment to wine making, viticulture and sustainability.

How our journey started

Founded in 2016 by the idea of Stefano, Matteo and Alessandro.
Three farsighted guys, experts in the wine sector who care about sustainability and want to put it into practice, with the aim of creating a wine with a very low environmental impact but of quality.

What motivated them in this project was the discovery of a particular vines that does not need chemical treatments, and it is precisely from this vineyard that in the same year they begin with the first experimental harvest, in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and great curiosity.


In 2016 we organized the first harvest of an experimental vineyard with friends, the atmosphere was fun…a truly great time. With pleasure, the results of the first vinification were excellent, in that moment we understood the extraordinary potential of these new type of grapevines.


In 2017 we decided to involve Stefano's brother, Alessio, already working as a wine grower, with the aim of creating together a sustainable winery characterized by a very low environmental impact that reflects our values ​​and our choices.

2018 - 2021

From 2018 to 2012 we continued with the experiments, without ever losing our curiosity for this project. We tried different sparkling making techniques, different growing systems and we uprooted no resistant or low quality vines.


Since 2022 we have been making wine in the new underground cellar, a choice that allows us to control and guarantee our wines optimal and constant maturation conditions, reducing energy consumption to a minimum.


Today TreZero is a certified organic winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia based on a qualitative, innovative philosophy and commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. But it is also a place that keeps growing together with us and reflects us, in every aspect.

2018 - 2021

Our values

Sustainability is our greatest value, a driving principle that guides our choices and each step of the way convincing us to improve more and more. A personal and authentic commitment that involves every aspect of our work, from the agronomic approach to the production cycle, up to the final product, without ever compromising the quality of our wines, because PIWI vines are the answer that viticulture can give to contrast the climate change.

Trezero welcomes you to experience our wines

Opening hours - Wine shop & Cellar*
From Thursday to Saturday
9:30 – 12:30 / 16:30 – 21:00

Wine tastings and wine tours by reservation only.